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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 18 Jul 2012

When using a computer, your privacy is never ensured. Due to temporary files or browsing history, someone can see your visited web sites, accessed programs, documents and more. A cleanup utility will erase temporary files immediately, but a skilled user can restore it with a recovery software. Like other similar applications, PrivaZer can locate and delete any trace data which may compromise your privacy. Additionally, it can shred the files, making them impossible to restore, regardless of what recovery tool you try. The software comes with other features as well and it is absolutely free.

Besides a standard installation, the setup wizard places two interesting options at your disposal. You can run the application without installing its components on your computer. If you tick this option, the wizard will create a single .exe file, which can be used to launch the application. You can also generate a portable version of PrivaZer, which can be launched from a USB flash drive.

You can select a device and a task on the software's home page. PrivaZer is capable of cleaning your hard drive, external and network storage drives, iPods, MP3 players or SD memory cards. By default, the software will perform an in-depth scan, but you can choose a different task from a drop menu. PrivaZer can scan for specific traces, left behind by your Internet activity, old files or used software. Additionally, it can scan and clean your registry and USB history, shred files, create system and registry restore points.

Most cleanup tasks work the same way. You will have to select a drive and what items to scan for. Depending on what you select on the home screen, you will be able to target certain items, like the Windows history, downloads, various types of traces and more. If you select the in-depth scan, you will find all these items, listed on the same window. Clicking an item will display a short description, regarding what PrivaZer will scan and clean. A hyperlink will bring up additional information and in some cases, you will find a second hyperlink for accessing various options. For example, if you select the Registry entry and click the Options hyperlink, you will be able to select certain locations in the registry, such as application paths, file and menu extensions and so on.

The scanning process is fast. When it is finished, the software will display the total numbers for traces and performed scans. PrivaZer can either delete or shred the found traces. Before clicking the Clean option, you may select one of many shredding algorithms which can overwrite data up to 35 times. The shredder function can be used separately, for any file on the hard drive. This option can be selected from the same drop menu, on the program's home screen. The software will add new options in Windows Explorer's context menu, so you can shred immediately, without navigating on the interface.


PrivaZer is capable of detecting and erasing trace data very fast. It works with a wide range of storage devices and it will remove a vast array of junk data. When it deletes files, the program makes sure that it can never be recovered. You can install it the traditional way, create a portable version or run it without installing its components.


There are no serious drawbacks to consider. PrivaZer does not limit itself to cleaning up your hard drive, but it will protect your privacy as well. When it deletes data, the application makes sure no one can recover it.



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